10 commandment of dating

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So if you met your Mister Right on Saturday, you can plan to get together on Sunday, Monday is not in the mix.

If you have been dating for 6 months, you can plan a vacation in six months. I always laugh when friends tell me that they are planning to go away to Europe next year with someone they just met.

If you only spend forty-eight hours together on weekends, then that ten day Hawaiian vacation may be a bit premature. Come clean about cleaning Relationships often have major problems around household chores that usually boil down to cleanliness.

Whether it is always putting the toilet seat cover down, washing dishes immediately after a meal, or simply routine cleaning when you are in each other's space, a compromise must be reached.

A regular schedule of what needs to be cleaned when you are sharing each other's space, and who will do it, helps eliminate tension.

That means the minimum age you should date is half your age plus seven years.You may hate hearing Lady Gaga for the 10,000th time, but changing the radio station or CD without asking will likely cause trouble. No U-haul before the long haul You must have spent a minimum of 120 overnights together before you consider moving in.No farting in each other's presence for the first year. That means you need to wait over a year if you are spending two nights per week together. If you break this commandment, plan on renting another U-Haul to move out. Two weeks you'll hate Once you have been dating or in a relationship for over a year, you'll come to realize that you may love your partner 350 days a year; it's the other fifteen days that you need to worry about.His friend is my friend, even when he's not Your date has his friends, you have yours. Telling your date you don't care for his best friend is not the best dating strategy. Vacation may not be all you ever wanted You can only vacation together for the number of nights you have consecutively spent overnight.If you have spent a week of consecutive nights together at home then you can plan a week's vacation.

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