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Come to this site and update your information or your account will be closed." I did something similar with Pay Pal.I sent an e-mail that said, "Someone has accessed your account. Please click here to access your account." We'd link them to a fake website and they'd give us their Pay Pal login information.Credit Cards.com: How did your phishing scams work? The first one I did, I targeted AOL users, because I thought they would be less computer literate and more likely to fall for my scams.We said, "Your credit card information has expired.Also, don't buy anything from somebody e-mailing you, no matter how good the offer sounds.If a company is sending you an ad through e-mail and you've never heard of the company, don't buy anything from them. I was getting thousands and thousands of responses from single mailings.That information usually isn't in the magnetic stripe information. With debit cards, it's your real money in your bank account you're playing with.

De Felippi, 29, mostly made fake credit cards with real credit card information he bought online.

However, the downside is that a lot of merchants require more security for American Express than for other cards.

They may ask you to enter the four-digit code on the front of the card or your ZIP code.

There are also people like waitresses and waiters with handheld skimmers who steal the data that way. I'd pay to for the information from one card.

Then I'd use an encoder to put that data on a fake card, go into a store and purchase stuff.

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