30s plus dating metal and rock

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Few groups in metal have had as storied a career as Sepultura.From monumental, genre-defining records to deep inner band turmoil, the Brazilian titans have had their fair share of ups and downs.Pummelling in every sense of the word, stands as one of the group’s best attempts at merging thrash and groove metal – an ungodly amalgamation pulled off with supreme ease here.It’s not uncommon for a brilliant song from an equally brilliant album to fly under the radar somewhat, and is one such song.Opening on a devastatingly stomach-turning bass drop, this song takes hold and doesn’t let go until the final seconds of its ferocious onslaught.

After 18-plus years of performing more than 100 concerts annually, releasing nine studio albums and selling more than 4.2 million tracks online, Umphrey’s Mc Gee might be forgiven if they chose to rest on their laurels.

Okay so the production leaves a lot to be desired, but the early potential is clearly there.

From their first EP With a chorus line like “Born in pain, born stubborn!

(Latin for ‘voice of the people’) serving as a rallying cry for the fans, not just against the political establishment, but also in celebration of their own newfound revitalisation as a group.

This sensory overloaded track is all too welcome from a band with Sepultura’s level of percussive mastery, delivering blow after blow throughout its turbulent four-minute duration.

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