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That’s a testament to the fact that The Harbor is self-governed and mostly self-policed, a fairly well-functioning, community-based solution to the homeless problem, former Waianae Harbormaster William Aila says.

Some people — including local politicians and developers who have their eye on this state-owned property in the middle of the town of Waianae — would like to see The Harbor cleared, the homeless moved elsewhere.

David Ige said the state would shift its focus to other towns on Oahu, including Waianae.

Although his top homeless advisor more recently said any plans to do anything different in The Harbor would first be carefully considered, the camp does occupy public property.

“You would destroy something that is working right now with very little government aid or investment,” he says. Heavy rains brought down the tarp roofs of more than a half dozen residents in that storm, and formed giant brown and orange puddles in the paths that are necessary thoroughfares for people who can’t drive a car to their front doors and unload.

That’s not to say The Harbor is always an idyllic place to live. In high winds, pale scorpions fall from the trees by the dozen.

They’ve built a little village in the bushes along an often overlooked stretch of West Oahu coastline.

Even with all its challenges, many people who live here view The Harbor as a welcome alternative to the realities faced by thousands of homeless living in the islands.Whether you are seeking just a date, a pen pal, a casual or a serious relationship, you can meet singles in Hawaii today!Hawaii is known as the "Aloha State" and BBPeople is here to bring their Big and Beautiful Singles together.Kalani thought he could just walk into The Harbor and find a place to pitch his tent. The first rule of this extraordinary homeless community is that there are rules. Rose Loke Chung-Lono, one of several women who have taken it upon themselves to create a sense of structure in the camp, was easy to find.If titles were given in The Harbor, Twinkle Borge would be the governor, Loke says. “That would kind of make me the mayor.” As Hawaii struggles to find solutions for its growing homeless population, more than 200 people have come up with an answer of their own.

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