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Ned's joke is just a joke and not meant to be taken literally like most other hints.There are many geographical features of Springfield that means many parts of the USA could not hold the city.Episodes frequently make fun of the fact that Springfield's state has never been revealed, by adding further conflicting descriptions, obscuring onscreen map representations, and interrupting conversational references. A good example of this is in The Simpsons Movie, where Flanders says that the four states that have borders with Springfield are Ohio, Nevada, Maine, and Kentucky, but no American state with these characteristics exists, and only Ohio and Kentucky share a common border.Because of this, it is possible that Springfield may be located on a fictional state with an exact location in the United States varying from episode to episode.Springfield is in a northern state that fought with the Union during the Civil War.Springfield is located in a state that borders an ocean, when it is convenient to have such.The State pays Springwood Minimum Security Prison Prisoners 5 cents an hour for manual labor.The state also contains at least 2,000 Mc Donald's Restaurants, according to Lou.

The state was founded by circus freaks, and was assumed to be the location of New Sodom, due to misinterpreting a passage in the Bible. Springfield County is where the city of Springfield is located.

Another, however less orthodox, system is the Springfield Monorail system installed in Springfield, Brockway, Ogdenville and North Haverbrook, since closed for safety reasons.

The uncertain location of Springfield is a running gag in the series, based on the fact that 34 states in the United States have at least one community with that name; and several have more than one.

Its unknown name and location make it one of the best running gags and one of biggest mysteries in The Simpsons.

Other cities in the state include: Cypress Creek, founded by the Globex Corporation; Ogdenville, the Norwegian settlement famous for the Springfield Monorail; Little Pwagmattasquarmsettport, known as America's scrod basket; and Capital City, the largest city and the state capital.

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