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Using AJAX usually means writing tons of Java Script code to handle asynchronous requests and to update user interface, but with Wicket we can leave all this boilerplate code to the framework and we don't even need to write a single line of Java Script to start using AJAX.AJAX components and behaviors shipped with Wicket expose one or more callback methods which are executed when they receive an AJAX request.

You can see this page in action at : When using Auto Complete Text Field we are required to implement its abstract method get Choices(String input) where the input parameter is the current input of the component.

The nodes of the final tree will be also selectable with a checkbox control.

The whole tree will have the classic look & feel of Windows XP.

As we will shortly see, switching from a classic link or button to the ajaxified version is just a matter of appending “Ajax” to the component class name.

In the previous paragraph we have already introduced component Ajax Link.

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