Albanian dating traditions

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Gjylije Ademi speaks about the family’s situation in their home in Mushan, Albania on Nov. The Ademi women have had to bear the brunt of the physical labor required to support the family economically, but are finding it difficult to continue working as they age. Oegger) Luljeta Ademi, the wife of Ramiz’s brother, told me how the family has collapsed on itself in poverty and misery.

His cousin, Ramiz Ademi, pleaded guilty to killing Jakini after an argument that began when Jakini arrived late to work.

Parents miss their children and agonize over their safety.

How they might recognize their potential killers, the Ademi family cannot say.

After the regime’s fall in 1991, renewed disputes over land and weakened rule of law led to a resurgence of blood feuds.

Free movement and migration became legal and citizens from rural areas flocked to cities, spreading blood feuds to bigger population centers.

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