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Alice Dellal represents the perfect incarnation of all that is unique about the Boy Chanel handbag collection, which strives [to be] far from conformist notions of femininity."The Boy name is significant for two reasons--first, to highlight that masculine-feminine vibe that Coco made famous.Second, Boy Capel was the love of Coco's life, helped finance her atelier, and was also her muse.We're thinking the only thing that could possibly make the whole scene any sweeter would be a co-starring appearance by KL's other long-standing muse, little Choupette.When I found Alice Dellal backstage at Valentino, she was busy bickering with her elegant mother.She declared, "That's my business," holding her head up high.She's also busy learning how to play the drums for her metal band, Thrush.Gone was the undercut and ripped tights that defined her early days on the party circuit.Given Charlotte’s reputation as a designer who deals in vintage glamour, the classic aesthetic was far from surprising and served as a perfect match for a collection which honoured all of her favourite design codes.

Mom, in head-to-toe Valentino red, favored the Valentino look Alice sported during the show while daughter preferred her cozy shearling, torn t-shirt, jeans and massive shoes - though she couldn't remember where they were from, "Somewhere on the high street?The new campaign, photographed by Lagerfeld himself, shows a much softer side of Dellal than we're used to seeing: Gone are her numerous tattoos, half-shaved head, and ripped tights, replaced instead by Easter egg pastels and some sweet little flowers tied into her hair.There's even a rumpled baby pink boucle jacket visible in the background.Although this work is freely licensed or in the public domain, the person(s) shown may have rights that legally restrict certain re-uses unless those depicted consent to such uses.In these cases, a model release or other evidence of consent could protect you from infringement claims.

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