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I saw they had sacrificed a lot to continue with their faith in Cuba," he says."Allah showed me through the way they behaved that Islam was something else: Islam is peace, it's the will of God. It was a gift for me," he says with a broad accepted Islam." His wife was also hesitant at first."I didn't want to convert because of the things people said - that they abused the women.Shabana, however, says that for her "it got complicated" and she left her job.She now provides childcare at home for the son of a Muslim student.Already I sell vegetarian pizzas, which you don't see elsewhere, and unlike other cafes, we don't serve alcohol and that's never been a problem.""People who come for the first time always ask me about Islam and I like that, that they are interested.

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He works with the authorities, whose presence is widespread with over 70 percent of the population working for the state, to increase their knowledge and understanding about Islam. According to Isa, such situations are usually resolved through discussion and explanations of what Islam is about.

Then I met a Cuban Muslim who'd been Muslim for many years, and started to talk with him about Islam. It took me a while, but then eventually I did read it and I could see a logic there, it seemed very sincere, very real and it was this which attracted me to Islam."His mother, however, was appalled with his decision.

Initially, she wanted him to leave the family home, but relented soon afterwards, allowing him to stay so long as none of his Muslim friends came into the house. Not because we expect people to convert, but so they can live comfortably together with Muslims." "[Problems come] usually from authorities in small places who are interpreting the law in their own way.

As the number of Muslim converts grows, however, people are becoming more aware of Islam as a religion that's also practised by Cubans.

Small businesses, such as Hassan's, help to bring more Cubans into contact with Muslims and also support the growth of the community.

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