Allison mack dating aaron ashmore twin dating ex

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She had between 1.25-1.5 inches more footwear than me the day this photo was taken.

She's leaning in just a bit in that photo with Rob above. you think this is a 3cm difference and a 5.3cm difference.

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Assuming this is accurate, Allison must be around 5'2ish because when she walks by she measures around 5'4.

He was showned as Jimmy Olsen, first love attention of Chloe Sullivan, for the sixth period of Smallville on the WB TV network and sustained to act him into its eighth season.

Two years after goodbye the show, Ashmore returns to play his attractiveness's younger brother on the series ending.

And she always looked about that standing next to 5'3" Kristin Kreuk on Smallville. It's impossible ;) If the right is 3cm then the left one has to be 8cm...which actually is about what it is!

Kudos to Mack for not fibbing more about her height, an A-list actress her size would probably be claiming 5'7". In interviews her personality suppases the looks of kristin kreuk. ] said on 27/Mar/06In the torch there is a measuring strip on the door frame they walk through ...

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