Amavisd updating Teencams skype

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But "aptitude search bayes" only returns "spambayes", which is some python-based project, competing to the bayesian filter that's part of spamassassin...

Any ideas are welcome :-) Frank It was the third line that was missing in my case.

I've actually migrated the bayes DB files from the old server, using and I had to adjust some permissions afterwards of memory serves...

contains the user and group under which it should run, which should match the ownership of the database.

But I haven't managed to catch a BAYES score in the received e-mails (which now do contain the expected X-Spam-Status header) nor in the highly positive stuff quarantined in /var/virusmails.

In other words, if I run "grep -ri bayes *" in /var/log/ and /var/virusmails/, I get exactly nothing :-( Is it possible that the bayesian filter is working and I just don't know?

Also, is there a way for me to map the Bayes score to a Spamassassin score increment?

You will experience the following symptoms if Clam AV fails to correctly download a virus update: The definitions are corrupt if in /var/log/zimbra.log: Note: The WARNING: Your Clam AV installation is OUTDATED!

error may also appear, but this is not indicative of a corrupt clamd database.

This error simply occurs because Clam AV has a more recent release available than the one that ships with Zimbra.

Updating your Clam AV installation to a version not included with a released ZCS product is not recommended and is not supported.

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