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E., original Marvel vampire flick Blade, the utterly compelling Jackie and children's classic The Princess Bride.

To help you make the best selection, we have put everything into categories so if you are a horror fan, love a bit of romance or want a tense thriller, you will find the perfect movie for you.

Yes it's a children's film but there's so many brilliant funny moments that adults will also revel in the magic of The Princess Bride. Alicia Vikander (a swede playing a German) shows off her funny side, while Elizabeth Debicki (a french woman playing someone who is not French) is great as the villain of the piece.

It's a tad overlong and convoluted but a great, underrated watch. Her portrayal of Jackie Kennedy, days after the assassination of her husband and president of the United States John F Kennedy, is a masterclass of acting.

Before David Ayer was assembling a Suicide Squad and creating one of the most abysmal comic-book movies ever, he made this highly original film that’s shot documentary style and focuses on a couple of cops whose job it is to patrol South Central LA and keep the peace.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña are superb as the pair who risk life and limb to do their job.

Five superb films have been added to our best movies on Amazon Prime list. Welcome to our list of the best movies on Amazon Prime Video UK.

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He mastered it in The Matrix and now he's back brandishing more fire arms than an army in John Wick.

Rob Reiner's effortless fairy tale film is a modern classic, filled with quotable lines (thanks to a script and book by William Goldman), unforgettable characters and beautiful scenery.

It's a meta marvel, with the movie presenting itself as a fairy tale read to a child at his bedtime. E is by no means a faithful adaption of the TV show of the same name (the characters remain but everything else has changed) but it is a super-stylish crime caper from Guy Ritchie.

It's endlessly watchable and it's all because of Portman who earned (and subsequently missed out on) a well-deserved Best Actress Oscar nomination.

Kathryn Bigelow is one of the best action directors around, so it’s no surprise that The Hurt Locker won her the Best Director award at the Oscars - the first time a women has won the accolade.

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