Aquarius male and aquarius female dating

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Your starsign determines the type of person you are to a degree.For those who think this is all balls, its just what I believe, Im not telling anyone Im right!Where the male believes in moderation the female believes in excess.She needs to learn balance Again her sex drive is far more demanding than his so more problems are bound to crop up .

To truly understand a relationship you need to compare the details of both peoples charts and see how they inter react.I've dated Gemini and Aquarius before, and is best relationships, and unlike Cancer breakups were beyond control of any party (moving).I find Geminis very talkative demeanor to be quite cute, and easy to cuddle with, and doesnt ask for anything and Aquarius is quite agreeable, friendly, and nice, and doesnt ask for anything.We argued, just like anyone would but we were very 'into' eachother. If I am jealous by nature, then that's something else I work on. These are only "traits" and we all have free will and choise.I personally think even if you are true to your sign, you are still an individual and you create your own personality and destiny. I won't just accept these traits because of what month I was born in. Also other planet in ones chart may make a very good alinement with someone your sunsign squares.

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