Aquarius man dating a leo woman radioactive c14 dating

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Despite their differing interpretations of commitment in love, both Leo and Aquarius share one important personality trait – their sociability.Both like being around and amidst people; while for the Leo, her social popularity is an essential validation of her egoistic nature, in case of the Aquarius his social circle is the perfect medium for lively intellectual discussions and exchanges.The Leo man would recognize the intellectual prowess of his Aquarius partner and appreciate her ability to anticipate the philosophies and sciences of the future.In fact the Lion as a fire sign is himself able to be inspired by important projects and ideas.

Both are fixed signs and hence unyielding in their decisions and opinions.For the Leo, love is a 'grande passion' - full of extravagance, amour and drama whereas for the Aquarius it is more of an intellectual companionship where they can discuss and exchange ideas as well as explore new experiences with each other.Thus while the Leo expects and indeed is ready to offer complete loyalty to a partner, the Aquarius is much more protective about their personal freedom.On the other hand the individuality and the brilliant mind of the Aquarius woman may prove to be equally irresistible to the Leo man who will be keen to know this singular personality even better.When they come together, sex will be an amazing experience.

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