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We thought about the words that we often want to say in a hurry when we're just leaving an msn messenger chat, we've just got back or we just want to agree.It gets so boring typing the same words over and over again. We created these text chat msn emoticons to make chatting simple, fast and fun.

The rabbi claimed that the Benshariza was recognizable by a unique and disturbing pattern on its huge wings, which looked like the moon and star symbol of the god Ba’al-Hadad.Sharif says that she does not trust Google Translate, because anyone can edit the translations.“Covfefe’ (pronounced “cuv – fee- fae”) is an Antediluvian term for “In the end we win.” It was commonly used by the sons of Adam to rail against the evil actions of the fallen who had led man astray.I'm trying to display arabic text in java but it shows junk characters(Example : ¤[ï߯[î) or sometimes only question marks when i print. I heard that its something related to unicode and UTF-8. This should allow you to make Eclipse print unicode in its console (which I do not know if it is something which Eclipse supports out of the box without any extra tweaks) If that does not solve your problem you most likely have an issue with the encoding your program is using, so you might want to create strings in some manner similar to this: uses the platform default encoding, which is essentially a random value.This is the first time i'm working with languages so no idea. EDIT: If i use UTF-8 encoding then "¤[ï߯[î" characters are becoming "???????? Converting the string to bytes and then back again is entirely redundant if the encodings match, and corrupts the string if they don't. If this is for Java ME, you have to make custom Glyph Utils if you use LWUIT. And look at this thread: in the answer (post) of Mohamed Nazar that edited by bernama Alex Kliuchnikau, "The below code can be use for displaying arabic text in J2ME is the unicode of two arabic letters" Look at U0600file, so we can see that Mohamed Nazar and Alex Kliuchnikau give example to create "ba" and "kaf" character in arabic.

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