Are jim cramer and erin burnett dating

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Burnett: Cramer – Cramer: I have talked to the heads of almost ever single one of these firms in the last 72 hours and he has no idea what is like out there. My people have been in this game for 25 years and they're LOSING THEIR JOBS and these firms are gonna GO OUT OF BUSINESS and he's nuts. There are all sorts of issues – Cramer: You can't get a darn loan if you are rich like me. If he did what you said – Cramer: Cut the darn discount window. Fourteen million people took a mortgage in the last 3 years. Burnett: Yes – Cramer: And I'm sorry to be upset about it but you have to understand what they're saying to me off the record before I come in here, every night and every day, I hear from these blow hard managers. Louis Fed Chief] Bill Poole has NO IDEA what it's like out there. Burnett: Cramer – Cramer: I have not seen it like this since I went five bid for a half a million shares of Citigroup and I got hit in 1990. Burnett: Hold on, I know you're passionate and I hear you, but at the same time a lot of people are saying yes, there are certain types of mortgages that aren't available. " Burnett: But a lot of people say these same people say, it's not Ben Bernanke that matters. We are going to have thousands of people, we have thousands of people losing their homes right now. After the ceremony, the couple headed to a reception at Atlantic Grill.For that, she donned a gold gown by Carmen Marc Valvo couture.Jim compounded rate of return of 24% after all fees for 15 years at Cramer Berkowitz.After the tech bubble burst, he retired from his hedge fund in 2001, where he finished with one of the best records in the business, including having a plus 36% year in 2000.

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Burnett met Rubulotta while she was working at Citigroup before moving to CNBC.Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg have been invited to attend the conference which begins Tuesday.(Source: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images North America) more pics about their low-key nuptials: "We're very casual."He seemed to know very deeply so many stocks," said Peretz, who would prove loyal."At one point, I was down ,000 and he didn't give up on me," said Cramer. The fund operated out of the offices of hedge fund pioneer Michael Steinhardt's Steinhardt, Fine, Berkowitz & Co., and early investors included Eliot Spitzer (a Harvard classmate and one of his oldest friends), Cramer's fund had one down year in 1998, a year that proved disastrous for many in the industry.

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