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This is a mechanism which allows the female to feel desirable, important, and powerful. Thus, the female defect keeps her from assuming personal responsibility, which presents a barrier to her self-actualization.

The male defect is his desire to compensate for the infantilized female.

Marriage and family is a God-given path that allows us to find love and grow inwardly.

The male defect leads him to compete with other males to demonstrate his primacy to females...This contract is consecrated by exclusive sex, marriage and family. Instead, men need to return to the traditional model, where the male is the Captain of the ship, and the woman is the First Mate.With "strong and independent" women, there is more temptation for men to evade their role, i.e. This is what women still want: a man strong and worthy enough to earn her allegiance.The verb "husband" means to cultivate and manage prudently. Through the child, they are recreating themselves and producing the future.Creation is in a constant process of transformation.

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