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”Had it been anybody else I would have said of course not, but the thought of this young beautiful girl in a sexy uniform prancing around my shop got me very excited.

So I lied and answered“Oh yes, I almost forgot, uniforms are mandatory.

After that we exchange numbers, we continued talking both day and night until she felt the same way I was feeling about her.

I remember our first kiss, she went to my office for help to fax some documents because her office fax was not working then we just started to kiss each other – that’s how we fell in love deeply and we are still together and happily married.” This is how Given Mahlangeni and Mandisa Mdingi met and the wedding took place on the 29th November 2014 at Port Edward Resort in Eastern Cape.

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All of them were pretty much just interested in the money or how the experience would look on their college applications, but when I read one application, I was touched.I asked one the guys that where standing at the entrance if he knew her and the guy replied yah and I asked what’s the name of that lady?– he told me that is Mandisa Mdingi and I asked the guy again, do you have her phone number but he refused to give me and suggested that I must call the reception and I ask.Banks, thank you for hiring me, I really needed this job to help support my family.”She had a slight Swedish accent, this just added to her sex appeal“Oh no problem, I know that you will be a hard worker and this relationship will work well for both of us.”I continued and went over some ground rules with her.After about half an hour I finished and asked if she had any questions.“Yes, in Sweden we have to wear uniforms while we are working, do you require your employees to wear uniforms?

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