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We know that violence is fundamentally about control and therefore the most dangerous time during an abusive relationship is when a person tries to leave.All too often, children and other bystanders are injured or killed, too.The implication was that no one else would want me.”“A guy that I was friends with in high school invited us both to a party at his place.My ex freaked out because he thought this guy had a crush on me.

Stereotypes about what an “abused woman” is supposed to look like don’t do us any good because victims are all around us.

He locked me in the room and said he wouldn’t let me leave until I gave him a blow job.

I didn’t and he sat at his desk, eating all the cookies.

It was almost like she wanted to dress me up herself, as if how I looked reflected on her.

The kicker was when she told me that I was lucky to be with her.

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