Auto updating jpeg viewer

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You can rotate 90 degrees left, right or 180 degrees, rotate based on EXIF value and flip vertical/horizontal.As most of the image viewers that support lossless rotation normally discard the partial blocks, Xn View lets you choose if you want to do that.Not only can Xn View read about 500 different formats, it also has basic image editing capabilities, screen capture, find duplicate files, batch processing and creating slideshows, web pages, contact sheets, video thumbnails gallery, file listings and etc.The lossless rotation function can be found by going to Tools JPEG Lossless transformations.

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Rotating a JPG image without any quality loss is called lossless rotation and this feature is actually already supported since Windows XP, although there are many claims stating otherwise just because of the file size difference.To perform a lossless left/right rotate or vertical/horizontal flip, go to Tools JPEG Lossless Rotate.Alternatively, you can also find the Tools menu by right clicking on the image.Select dialog and you’ll see the option “Trim image (Remove unused pixels)”.By deselecting that option, we’ve tried rotating an image with odd dimension clockwise 4 times and there are no quality loss while maintaining the exact same dimension.

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