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and stayed with his sister Frances Redd-Hernandez-Pepo and her husband George Hernandez. Redd, suffered a painful injury recently when falling down stairs, she sprained a wrist and crushed the small bones of the right hand. Louis, Missouri, Perr de Clue Harris-Patin-Scott, of Corona, New York, and Rhonda Rozetta Brown-Hall, of Hannibal, Missouri, Mr.Frances was the second of this particular Redd line to relocate to California (footnote 9), At some point around 1940 John Roland Redd began going by the name of Juan Rolando, all the while wearing what would become his trademark turban (footnote 10). Pandit's precise maternal ancestry was pieced together, through a combination of census records, birth certificate, death certificate, social security application, his father's 1962 autobiography, tracking down his birth home, family obituaries, oral histories, Mr.His second incarnation would come about some eight years down the road., earning 0 per week. Verne Langdon (personal friend and biographer of Korla Pandit), and, Internet databases and websites. Redd's autobiography noted above bear out the fact that John Roland Redd was born in 1921, in Missouri, to African-American parents, and is the very same Korla Pandit.That same year he was among the first music personalities to make 16" radio transcription discs (his first known sound recordings) for Capitol Records' Radio Transcriptions Division. While the research done by this author bears out Korla's maternal slave roots in Washington County, Missouri, and Caucasian, European (English) ancestry, his father's book bears out his paternal slave ancestry from Virginia.It is unknown if Korla released more records commercially as Juan Rolando. In July 2004, the author visited Columbia, Missouri, in central Missouri, two hours west of St. After having spoken to the same individuals with whom Mr.

It seemed only natural that Korla would excel in music, or in whatever endeavor he pursued (footnote7). - The second sermon of the series on "Domestic happiness" will be preached by Rev. Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, and through the combined efforts of family members David Marshall-Rutledge de Clue, of St.

Although never released to the public, those discs received air play since they were licensed to radio stations by Capitol. His cousin, Rhonda Hall, has been in contact with the family most of her life, including Dorothy Cloud, and helped enormously in guiding the author in various directions in an effort to truly reconstruct Korla Pandit's life history, in a way meant to bring the family together, and not supposedly "expose" some so-called life fantasy or mystery.

There was a Cocktail Hour records shellac disc entitled Right As The Rain, which was commercially released under the name of Juan Rolando in 1943. Our family is not a tabloid waiting to be exposed, but a far reaching story and rich history that happens to include numerous well-known personalities.

On July 31, 1865, when Phil and Nancy remarried after the end of the Civil War, as former slaves were required to do, Frances was listed as one of four children born to them while they lived as husband and wife while slaves. It was a mutual "respect" of each other's climb to the top, in a way that many White entertainers and movie stars had always done!

Phil, also known simply as Anderson Lankford, was the son of Rev. See also, is_6_46/ai_74869829 Other print authors and their websites are equally inaccurate about the birth, life and death of Korla Pandit/John Roland Redd, including Variety (the "Hollywood Bible;" See, November 23, 1998 issue) - ( - The Virtual Museum of the City of San Francisco ( - Space Age Pop Musicmaker (

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