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DO THIS mental exercise whenever and wherever you can.

Anytime you are waiting in line, in the elevator, in traffic, etc.

Close your eyes and think of your greatest score to date right now. Picture it as best and as clearly as you can how it was from your point of view. Usually, you will notice that your mind will wander onto things that makes you feel worse or that generally hurt your self-esteem (some past humiliation or some fear of future misfortune).

Now hold that thought-picture and feeling in your mind for at least 15 uninterrupted seconds. You may notice the first few times you try to do this that you won’t be able to even go 15 seconds without your mind wandering onto some other thing.

Don’t think of anything else but that score for 15 uninterrupted seconds.

The fact that you can’t even keep hold of a single thought for 15 uninterrupted seconds should demonstrate clearly that your own mind — when left to run on its own without conscious direction — is generally picturing bad things and is thereby sabotaging your game (and your life).

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It’s bone freezing cold and you wonder if you can survive. First of all, you’re not in the Atlantic, nor do you have Leo trying to woo the same girl.This state of mind is what it truly means to be “focused” or “in the zone.” Sure, you might get distracted for a fleeting second, but you’ll develop the habit of always bringing your mind instantly back to that awesome memory whenever you notice it has veered off onto something worse. Essentially, his mission is to teach every man, at an early age, how to get laid.This is some high-level game I am throwing at you here so don’t be the swine who disregarded the pearls. Mike Trojan has had his heart smashed to pieces and thrown to the wind, all so he could put it back together and discover the advanced macking secrets to taming the wild beauty of the goddess that is called woman.It definitely helps you become that much more smoother. [Read: How to touch a girl the right way and make her want more] Learn from your mistakes, and very soon, you would be able to approach just about any girl without a single sweat bead on your brow.And if you are worried about the others who just watch and wait for you to screw up, just to get their laughs – screw them.

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