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Walster (1965) theorized that this effect occurred for two reasons.

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Given the above, it seems that some fairly unpleasant interpersonal behaviors can be part of dating and relationships. Can lowering someone's self-esteem really make them more compliant and susceptible to romantic advances? Walster (1965) investigated the influence of momentary self-esteem on receptivity to the romantic advances of a stranger.The researcher arranged for a group of female participants to interact with a male research assistant who flirted with them.The female participants were then given positive or negative personality test feedback.This is especially true when the lowered self-esteem cannot be blamed on the other interaction partner (such as when the insult is a backhanded compliment, or the spouse internalizes the nagging statements).Overall then, the occasional insult may indeed have the reported effect of making a lover more interested and compliant.

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