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My present awareness helps me stay in the moment onstage. She talks about the WWII pilots calling her “baby” and literally saying women don’t belong in the cockpit.

One last question about Beverley: Did she experience misogyny as a female pilot? “Me and the Sky” [Jenn’s big song in the show] is almost directly taken from transcripts.

The message of the show is so uplifting that you must get incredible responses to it. It’s become the norm to be mean and spit vitriol at people, and we’ve gotten out of the practice of kindness. I would just add an 11 o’clock sketch probing some dark pathos and despair, just to bring things to a different level, but having nonstop hilarity is nothing to kvetch about.

This shows us to practice kindness and says that we are all inherently good, which I deeply believe. When tragedy happens, you don’t care about their religion or socioeconomic background or where they stand politically. I think these Canadians live this way all the time. Speaking of living openly: Were you always out in your career? STAND BACK Pure entertainment was also on display at the 27th annual Night of , a riveting Stevie Nicks tribute at Irving Plaza, where “enchantresses of ceremony” Chi Chi Valenti, Paul Alexander and Hattie Hathaway, and DJ Johnny Dynell presided over swarms of twirling, spinning wiccans and vegans.

The season also brought us a gay who has trouble dating, a small-town gay who’s not afraid to let his father know, and same-sex couples dancing at a ball.

He replied, “During my repeated stays during the height of the crisis, two things opened my eyes: time is subjective and friends are paramount.The hospital’s destruction to make way for luxury housing illustrates the moving on of time we never thought we’d have.Also, it’s crucial to note that those of us who spent time on the seventh floor of St.The resulting debates about romantic entanglement, responsibility, and compromise are fresh and entertaining, and there’s also pathos in the fact that Nora is still seeking validation.(Hnath has said that Nora and Torvald don’t really get to hash things out in Ibsen’s play, so he wanted to give them the chance to do so).

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