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Although the effect is subtle, Dr Alvergne said it could alter women's view of male attractiveness.

'It is a possibility - but there is no evidence of this yet,' she said.

Mail Online has contacted representatives for both Abz and Chloe for comment.

Mother-of one Chloe, 34, is said to be ‘blissfully happy’ with heavily tattooed Abz, 38, after suffering a string of failed romances.

That means they no longer experience the hormonal changes that make them more attracted to masculine men and those with dissimilar genetic make-up.

Many of the biggest box office draws are boyish in appearance, rather than classically rugged.

The top Hollywood earners of last year include Will Smith, Johnny Depp, Leonardo Di Caprio and Hugh Jackman. The rise of such stars could also be explained by cynical attempts to market films and merchandise at an ever younger age group.

Dr Alvergne said the use of the Pill could influence a woman's ability to attract a mate by reducing her attractiveness to men.

Her co-author at Sheffield, Dr Virpi Lumma, said: 'The ultimate outstanding evolutionary question concerns whether the use of oral contraceptives when making mating decisions can have long-term consequences on the ability of couples to reproduce.' An increasing number of studies suggest that the Pill is likely to have an impact on human mating decisions and subsequent reproduction.

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