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However, her official statement was that "there was too much drama on the set and not enough passion for the work." So Prue was killed off.Now: While she's by no means "out of work," Doherty hasn't found as bright a spotlight as the one given to her through ' Charmed.' If you haven't seen the more recent '90210' series on The CW, any number of her made-for-TV movies or that now-canceled Syfy reality show she hosted, ' Scare Tactics,' you'll now her best as that woman on the Education Connection commercial ...

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Then: Kicking off ' Charmed' season 3 was the introduction of Julian Mc Mahon's Cole Turner, a half-demon half-human "soldier of fortune" charged by "The Source" of all evil to destroy the Charmed Ones.

Now: You might have seen King on shows like ' Sex and the City' (he was Samantha's conquest who told her she had to shave her ...

you know), ' Law & Order: SVU' and ' Frasier,' or how about when he became a day-time soap star on ' General Hospital' and then on ' One Life to Live'?

His character became a mainstay in the series after falling in love with Phoebe, becoming mortal, then becoming the new Source, and ... Now: After ' Charmed' got the axe, Mc Mahon found new life as a lead on the hit series ' Nip/Tuck,' plus his role as Doctor Doom in those two horrible ' Fantastic Four' movies.

You can catch him next in the upcoming Direc TV drama ' Full Circle,' which features Kate Walsh (' Private Practice'), David Boreanaz (' Angel,' ' Bones') and Minka Kelly (' Gossip Girl').

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