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Mountaineering and Trekking is my favorite Adventurous work. Read more I requested her to connect and she responded. I am from Sangli, Western Maharashtra and she was from Beed, Marathawa...She have sent me request first I didn't notice 2 3 days when one day I was checking then I saw her request and I liked her profile as I have registered premium plan with so I was able to see her contact number so had messaged on...I follow most of these by subscribing with the always free Google Reader; before that i just had a little folder called “Daily Reading” in my Firefox toolbar. There is no other writer who so consistently challenges the limits of my understanding and causes me to return again and again to their ideas.Dave nearly always leads to me to an “ah-hah” moment, but sometimes it takes re-reading or marinating his essays to get it. Buddhanet Hands down the most absurdly well-stocked library of information about Buddhism online, Buddhanet has everything from online meditation teachings, to an evolving Buddhist e Library, a massive director of Sanghas and Buddhist organizations worldwide, mp3’s of chanting, teachings and Buddhist songs – all donation supported since 1995.I saw Pallavi's profile on and found it quite interesting so I sent her an invitation to proceed further in communication.She responded back by accepting my invite and made a call right away. We both exchanged our numbers and decided to meet over cup of coffee at a suburban mall in mumbai, I thought it would be a just another meeting with a prospect, but that wasn't the case, it turned out to be like minded conversation and further we happ... Her smile had a certain aura, a positive energy that just made me visit her profile time and again.In his latest post, he proposes that The Technium (his term for the physical world of technolgy) comprises less than 1% of all the physical atoms on earth, yet has an effect perhaps more profound than the other 99%.The Lifestream is a feed of all his writing on all the subjects he writes so eloquently about. Shambhala Sunspace When Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche brought his version of Buddhism to the West forty years ago, he framed them as the Shambhala teachings to make them relevant to a young American audience.

Buddhist Matrimonial is considered sacred and pure and follow rituals such as Khachang, Nangchang, Praying before buddha etc. My father work as a yoga teacher at MGIMS hospital,sewagram . Read more She can be introduced as an austere yet smart, confident, fun loving, caring, understanding, resilient & perfect blend of traditional and modern values with an uncomplicated approach tow... I have completed My MBA (Marketing) from Pune University & currently working as a Marketing professional with a Logistics & Supply Chain Management Compa... Who is loving, caring, knows family values, smart And respect elders. My father is retired government servant, mother is a homemaker. I am working as Development Engineer (Mechanical engineer)with Tatamotors, Pune in Research & Development devision.

Instead, he’s managed to make lessons learned on his own deeply felt (and ongoing) journey to self-actualization relevant to anyone who’s ever wondered “who the F am I anyways? Elephant Journal If the Interdependence Project is the New Yorky/crunchy/environmentalist/Kumbaya/neurotic love child of Martin Luther King Jr, Allen Ginsberg and Woody Harrelson, then Elephant Journal is our easy-breezy/Bouldery-y/athletic intellectual/pine-scented/ski-pass toting/yoga-doing cousin.

” I’ve never asked Jonatahan if he’s Buddhist or if he practices meditation, but I do know this: he tests every idea that he comes up with in the lab of his own life, rejects what doesn’t work, keeps what does, then writes about it in a way that makes me feel like I am up at 2AM having an amazing conversation with an old friend. Personally I’d love to see a shirtless Celebrity Buddhist Smackdown between Ethan Nichtern and Waylon Lewis, but I should proabably keep my sordid fantasies to myself.

I like visiting new places and spending time with family and friends.

I wake up early every morning, meditate, make coffee, write a bit and usually check out a few sites online.

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