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Some sources say that pink Himalayan salt contains up to 84 different trace minerals.

As it contains up to 98 percent sodium chloride, this means that just around 2 percent is made up of these various trace minerals.

Adding a pinch of pink salt to meals or drinks is believed to help the body achieve optimal fluid balance, thus preventing dehydration.

If the kidneys cannot remove enough sodium, it begins to build up in the fluid between cells, known as the interstitial fluid.

Although pink Himalayan salt may naturally contain some iodine, it most likely contains less iodine than iodized salt does.

Therefore, those who are iodine deficient or at risk of deficiency may need to look for other sources of iodine if using pink salt instead of iodized table salt.

However, both salts are comparable in terms of sodium chloride content, at approximately 98 percent.

As pink salt is often found in larger sized crystals than table salt is, it does contain less sodium per teaspoon.

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