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Deciding when to tell a new partner about your cancer experience is your personal choice.

Some tips: Cancer can affect your sexuality (including your body image and libido or desire) and your sex life.

Remember, your partner/girlfriend/boyfriend has a choice. If they are with you, wanting to look after you, then let them.

If you are worried they are only staying with you because they feel sorry for you, then talk about it openly and honestly.

You’re the best judge of when to tell someone new about your cancer experience.

Not every new relationship will work out, but that is also true without cancer in your life.

It can be difficult to tell people that you’ve had cancer or that you have had part of your body (like a breast or testicle) removed.

You can still have a great relationship without having sex.

Read more about how cancer can affect your sexuality and sexual health while you’re having treatment.

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