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Single Cat Lovers Single Cat Lovers is even more dismal, unfortunately.It's not too pretty to look at it, and while registration was relatively straightforward, I didn't like being forced to enter my physical attributes. Must Love Pets I was most wary of Must Love Pets because, I mean, look at this. Registration was easy enough, but the accompanying email pushed paying for a "premium membership." (Really, to make any dollar amount worth it, it would have to be a different site.) Like Single Cat Lovers, Must Love Pets required me to categorize my physical attributes.Suggested Millie, KC wasn't a fan, but I kept going.

Since I'm far more familiar with men's profiles, I recruited some of my single male friends (and the Twittersphere) to help me with this post.

Please, let's rid our profiles of these overused phrases once and for all: glass-half-full, sensual, drama-free, and easygoing.

And these, let's omit these too: "I look 10 years younger than I am," "I hate talking about myself, but..." and any and all derivatives of "my friends/mom/ex/kids tell me that ...

And for funsies (I ran out of space) here are the stories of their names: Penny KC: 'we should name her something easy and quick, like Penny'. We almost went with Marie (Aristocats) and something else I don't remember.

Chelsea We had Chelsea for like a day before we settled on her name.

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