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Last year, Nick had picked "Kick Ass and Hit Girl." While Anne loved Hit Girl, she felt it would be too obscure for the party. Besides that, her costume was bulky and had made it hard for her to dance.Nick agreed; the costumes this year were more practical and recognizable.It was at a costume party that Anne realized Nick was definitely the guy for her.He went dressed as a Rastafarian, complete with fake dreadlocks, mirrored sunglasses and a rather large fake joint hanging out of his mouth. This year, Anne had been in charge of picking the costumes.When she was close enough, Anne asked Nick, "Please, may I suck your cock?" "Yes, Little One, you may." Nick very purposely used her Fuck Toy moniker, knowing it would make her horny as hell.Nick touched shuffle and they waited to hear their fate.

Three minutes ago, they were waiting patiently for the arrival of a limo which would take them to an annual Halloween party with friends. Nick had watched Anne dancing around the bedroom to "Bad Reputation" while getting dressed for the costume party.Nick replied, "Well, Joan we've only got about ten minutes.Why don't you pull down your pants and let me taste your rock star pussy?She donned the required spiked black wig and secured a black choker around her neck.A push up bra, designed to make her 32B cup tits look bigger, certainly got the job done.

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