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But in developing robots that are specifically designed to be companions, people experience artificial empathy as though it were the real thing.Unlike real humans, who can be self-centered and detached, chatbots have a dog-like loyalty and selflessness.Since their advent, they have never been perceived as mere machines or simply the result of interaction between hardware and software.

Chatbots are plagued by our primitive needs and desires.

When a human being interacts with another human being — for example, a friend — we are driven by the desire to take part in a shared activity.

Communication with a bot is different — the gratification derives from a change of mental state, a sort of detachment: You can achieve your goal (getting help, information, even a feeling of companionship) with no immediate “cost.” No investment is required: there’s no need to be nice, to smile, be involved or be emotionally considerate.

And a bot can potentially provide greater convenience than apps and web searches because it can understand natural speech patterns — and provide the personal touch in an otherwise impersonal user interface.

Such a process has profound psychological ramifications.

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