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If not OK, I understand--I only ask because your changes would represent a significant improvement to what I cobbled together.123 Drupal Chat Module can be easily installed on your site with user's database seamlessly integrated and multiple other features. Social connect features: social sign-on, linking, sharing, Facebook chat, tweet chat and follow a Twitter user. Professional support staff for paid chat hosting user or license buyer.It's an environment variable or configuration option that can point to the directory holding your perl libraries, see: org/perlrun.html#ENVIRONMENT - typically you do not need to mess with this and it should "Just Work".Ideal for layout work and parts identification, the DURA-INK 15 permanent ink marker has a fine bullet tip for precise marking.The wear-resistant, fast-drying ink has been engineered to contain low levels of chlorides, halogens, low melting point metals, and sulfur.The low corrosion color is safe for use on stainless steel, alloys and other superalloy metals and will not contribute to unwanted corrosion, degradation, or pitting. I am putting it here in the hopes that this post will spare others from having to Google things for extended periods of time.

Mobile app: A downloadable application for 123 Flash Chat users can enjoy the chat on their i Phone, i Pad and Android devices.Clearing of the Screen: Admin can clear screen for all users with the HTML5 client since V10.0.HTML5 Client: It works beautifully on PC, Iphone and Android systems with a faster loading speed and high quality of video.Two Modes: Flash Chat client which has been developed for over 10 years , quite stable and charming; HTML chat, new and fashionable, loads faster and works cross devices. Luxurious chat features: Lobby and private chat, Avatar, smileys, flash emotions, bunny emotions, post-notifier, etc. Coming next: 123 Flash Chat will enable user transfer in the next version.Compatibility: Works with the latest version of Drupal and all previous versions as well Flexible Layout: Add chat room to post or page, for topic-related communication. 123 Flash Video Chat Software: This is a new version which greatly enhanced user experience; There are 16 skins and 60 smileys now and it is definitely eye catching!

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