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Robert tells him not to worry, with any luck Rich will go to prison and they can all get on with their lives. Mary gets back to Dev's to find him really happy, he's sold the gym and he tells her he's offered Erica the job of looking after all his expansion plans.Mary suggests he think twice about that, and goes on to tell him that Erica and Kevin have been having an affair.Dev asks if he gave him warning before he slept with his girlfriend."I didn't sleep with her," mutters Kevin, but Dev isn't listening and bangs on about integrity and loyalty.Izzy tells them she's been where they are, and Toyah turns and asks if she'd do it again.Izzy thinks probably not, not after all the problems with the surrogacy.When Doug Hilton wrote to us, he said that as a teenager he was a "lazy sort of boy, with a smart mouth, who was easily distracted from things that bored me".

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Izzy points out that it would still be her baby, same genes, same sleepless nights.

Just then his phone bleeps with a message, Nicola has the results of the DNA test and is on her way over.

Mary is getting some flowers out of the back of the van when she overhears Tim talking to Kevin about the fling he almost had with Erica. When Tim has walked away, Kevin sees Dev across the road, talking to the person he thought was buying his garage.

Summer tells them they can do what they want, but she's not coming.

Over at Eileen's, she's enjoying the peace and quiet and suggests to Pat that they go out and do something nice with the day.

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