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In this day with so much fraud it's refreshing to find an organization who puts your donation where you want it to go!

Plus they are based in Portland, Oregon, so for me I get to keep it local!

The oil is a blend of deeply nourishing and softening fractionated coconut oil, wild crafted marula oil that is moisturizing, balancing, softens fine lines and reduces redness and organic sea buckthorn oil that heals sun damaged skin, acne, anti oxidants that slow the aging process, heals rosacea and other skin discolorations.

Essential oils of rose, frankincense, patchouli and palo santo are gently added to soften skin, fight the aging process and lighten the complexion.

Prior to my marriage to Sterling, my longest relationship was four years long.

It ended when I was dumped unceremoniously on Christmas eve.

Also on the 19th of September a 7.1 earthquake toppled cities and villages in Mexico City leaving many dead and without housing, food or drinking water, as it is in Cuba and Boriqua.

Here's an opportunity for a win-win: you get to smell fabulous and I get to cut a check to Mercy Corps, helping those affected by Irma, Maria and the Mexico City earthquake ALL profits from the sales of these three scents will be donated to Mercy Corps, my favorite charity.

I demanded that he leave and my blurry tear stained eyes watched his tail lights shrink red in the snowy distance as he drove away.VIVA MEXICO - Sugared bergamot, candied grapefruit, golden frankincense, labdanum, saffron infused patchouli, black copal and crimson amber. RENDER THE VEIL - RITUAL COMPOUNDS FOR THE SAMHAIN SEASON - HALLOWS 2016 ~ CHAPTER ONE ~ Samhain is not just Halloween, costumes and candy.Samhain is the ancient Celtic celebration of the end of the harvest cycle of the growing season; bonfires dotted the landscape and the ancestors were honored.It is all natural, non greasy and won't clog pores.It is a blood red oil infused with alkanet root that is used to soothe skin irritation.

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