Chinese on line dating scams adult dating online site com

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He tells them that for a fee he can guide them along the path to love.In addition to charging a fee for his services, the love broker has the women hitting up the men for everything from travel expenses to a new laptop.After all, wouldn’t it be much easier to talk to him from behind her shiny new i Mac Pro?Hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars later, the woman suddenly loses interest, the love dies on the vine and another sucker is served.Jack is a fellow American with a heart attack pink pallor and intense glare.He’s been in China for nearly eight years and was enticed into making the trip by a matchmaking site. I am still looking, dude.”Jack explained that the family of his bride-to-be said he was obstinate.And if you are that desperate, forgo the agency and just come to China.

I asked Jack if he could give me the low down on Chinese marriage sites. One way of doing so was to hand over a few hundred thousand dollars to the family of the bride.The women hook up with an “agency”, which is like a cyber-pimp or love broker.The cyber-pimp gets them onto an online dating site and coaches them on what to do.Such agencies claim to help bridge the cultural gap that stands in the way of men finding true love.But what of such agencies, do they truly conspire with Cupid to find men their better half?

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