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“I used to get annoyed, when I was a teen, there was a point in my life where I was really tired of being compared to my parents and didn’t really feel I had an identity.You get used to it and realize it doesn’t really matter what other people say because they are your parents, that’s the truth and you love them.Maybe her ease and star quality are the results of following her own script, or the effect of sporting exactly the right number of braids (less than ten).Dou’s parents left whether or not she wanted to pursue music up to her.She manages to draw in traditional Chinese elements like dramatic strings, too.On a foggy January day in a studio in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, with an ink line running down her chin to her neck marking the symmetry of her face, she tells the Cut, “Getting big hasn’t been my goal” — which isn’t to say she’s not on that track, having already opened for the popular band Bastille at London’s mega O2 Arena.Unlike many East Asian megastars, she wasn’t scouted and her sound is less about churning out pop-friendly ballads, or choreographed tours, as it is a product of organic songwriting.“It’s interesting because I never felt like I really fit into the pop scene in China,” she admits, segueing into how listening to Chinese artists during childhood affected her musical style.You can hear the melodic structure and arrangements she credits to her upbringing in the strings and build-ups on “(It’s Not a crime) It’s Just What We Do,” and orchestral parts of “Explosions.” Leah says to expect more of these sonic elements on the upcoming album, which will be more experimental as a product of listening to a greater variety of music.

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Leah’s dad Dou Wei is a successful musician too, known for composing experimental work that crosses genres from folk to ambient, and he made a formidable impression on the Chinese rock scene.

The vocal route would mean classical singing, which she knew she didn’t have the voice for.

The singer-songwriter application, to write three songs, was a game changer for Dou when she started writing on guitar.

The more you expect the easier it is for you to get disappointed, there’s no point.

I love music, I want to share my music, I’m gonna do that and see what happens.” Leah’s music can sound like Massive Attack, despite the fact she was born in 1997, three years after Portishead, the trip-hop pioneers she looks up to, released their hit album .

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