Circa 50 carbon 14 dating

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Our jaws are also less heavily developed, with smaller teeth.

Scientists sometimes use the term “anatomically modern Homo sapiens” to refer to members of our own species who lived during prehistoric times.

Regional variations in diet are influenced by availability within a particular environment, by cultural traditions such as food preferences and avoidances, and even genetic factors.

Lactase persistence, which allows some people to consume milk and dairy products throughout life, is a recent adaptation to dairy consumption that would only have been useful among populations with a tradition of dairy farming.

Humans currently inhabit every continent on Earth, except Antarctica (although several governments maintain seasonally-staffed research stations there).

Humans also now have a continuous presence in low Earth orbit, occupying the International Space Station.

Morphology Humans can be distinguished from other living apes by a strikingly enlarged brain, reduced hair coverage on most parts of the body, and by a suite of skeletal and muscular adaptations associated with habitual bipedal locomotion, including the loss of the grasping ability of the foot.

Humans are terrestrial bipeds with a limited ability to swim and dive that must be learned.

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This was enough to designate Linnaeus as a lectotype - the single name-bearing type specimen for the species Homo sapiens.Genus characteristics include a high degree of encephalisation and a skeleton adapted to habitual bipedalism.Species traits include: Where Lived: Evolved in Africa, now worldwide When Lived: About 200,000 years ago to present The species that you and all other living human beings on this planet belong to is Homo sapiens.Humans are typically diurnal and sleep in temporary or permanent shelters at night.Family groups often have exclusive use of a shared sleeping space or residence that may serve as a home base for extensive periods.

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