Comcast cable box guide not updating

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This means that a customer can not use a Cablecard. Now if this is not enough of a twist, if a person uses the Cable Box and subscribes to Basic or Standard levels and Digital Classic (at a minimum to get the carrier signal only (not the full package)) the box must be connected to the TV using the composite video interface.

The signal information does not appear to be passed through a component or HDMI interface.

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I had to read them a bunch of diagnostic codes and they are suppose to call me back next week.They hinted that they think it is a Comcast problem, but wouldn't say for sure. I am using a cablecard on COMCAST in Northern New Jersey. The Gemstar TV Guide site has no way to contact them.I have not been able to get the TV Guide to download. I called LG; and, they would not give me a direct contact number or email address for Gemstar TV Guide.I really want to would like to get the full benefit from my ATI TV tuner card. If GEMSTAR is passing the correct signal then your cable company is simply relaying that stream through their system. If you have a cable card however and are in an area that is launching a digital simulcast you will see some issues.If your card is set to digital simulcast then there will obvioulsy be no analog signal to stream the data on.

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