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Several rumors began to spread, including that the killer was caught, or that a third and even fourth double-homicide had been committed.

Most of the town hid in fear inside their houses or hotels, sometimes even leaving town.

Some police officers are not sure if their attack was connected with the murders.

The first double murder, which involved Richard Griffin and Polly Ann Moore, happened four weeks later.

Some youths took matters in their own hands by trying to bait the Phantom so they could kill him.

After three months of no more Phantom attacks, the Texas Rangers slowly and quietly left town to keep the Phantom from believing he was safe to strike again.

A car passed but did not stop when she called after it. "Bill" Presley and three other officers arrived at the scene, but the attacker had already driven off.

She ran to the back of the house and woke up the owners, who then notified authorities. They found Hollis' pants 100 yards away from the attack.

You've got the wrong man." Larey pleaded with Hollis to please take them off, believing that if he did they would not be hurt, but, after Hollis removed his trousers, he was struck twice in the head with a heavy, blunt object.Since the movie claimed that the "story you are about to see is true, where it happened and how it happened," the fabricated parts created much of the myth and folklore around the murders for several decades.A cold case in Texarkana in 1948 of the disappearance of Virginia Carpenter has been speculated to be the work of The Phantom.She stated that while she was running, she heard Hollis groaning, and that the man continued to beat and stomp him.She was having trouble running in her high heels when the assailant ran after her.

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