Cuckold dating no email

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Most importantly, the traumatizing experience led her to launch the site, where she’s now busy weeding out scammers with fake profiles and serving as informal agony aunt to needy members who’ve been betrayed.

Those members include Rosie Gemmell, of South Plainfield, NJ, who learned about Fidelity Dating this year through a friend, and had her first date from the site last week.

“Because they’ve been through infidelity themselves, they know why it’s important not to hide things in a relationship.” Thousands of romantics-done-wrong have already joined the site, which is currently free but will eventually roll out per month memberships.

The pair bonded over their mutual cheating stories, with Gemmell’s date, a 54-year-old computer analyst, explaining he’d walked in on his wife of 15 years in bed with another man.

Incredibly, her cowardly boyfriend planned to keep his marital status secret.

“I don’t know how he thought it would work, but he begged me to stay with him,” she says.

“I can still picture him on the phone to her, the color draining from his face,” she recalls. “It was a very difficult time, and ever since, I’ve found it very hard to even think about settling down with a man,” says the 50-year-old marketing assistant.

“But I would like to find someone to spend the rest of my life with.” She’s already got a second date with her new Fidelity suitor.

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