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After exploring this account, as well as extensively surveying nine ‘‘hostage’’ groups (hostages, concentration camp prisoners, prisoners of war, civilians held in Chinese Communist prisons, cult members, abused children, incest victims, battered women, and pimp-procured prostitutes), Graham and associates identified conditions under which this bonding develops; the psychodynamics of the bonding; evidence that a bond (which is bidirectional) has developed; and psychological consequences of this bonding. Questions Frequently Asked about Stockholm Syndrome V.Each of these aspects of the theory is discussed in this research paper. Breaking Out of Stockholm Syndrome: The Unbonding Process VI.

This traumatized victim, if isolated from outsiders who could provide nurturance and protection, must look to the abuser to meet those needs.

Furthermore, although the criminal justice system is charged to protect all citizens, it fails battered women in many respects, making escape from an abuser extremely difficult when the abuser elects to continue his abuse even after ‘‘separation.’’ For example, historically, despite the greater seriousness of intimate violence than stranger violence, arrest has been less likely when victim and offender are married (Berk et al.

1984), and sentences for convicted spouse assailants are lighter than those for convicted stranger assailants (Goolkasian 1986).

Police have been slow to treat the home as a crime scene when there is evidence that domestic violence has occurred.

They frequently fail to collect the evidence needed to convict the abuser, putting the onus of conviction entirely upon the woman’s word in a misogynistic court.

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