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Unfortunately, Swift’s new beau is not a true normal, as he is an aspiring actor, but he’s not famous yet—or at least famous enough (see: Jake Gyllenhaal and the werewolf in the dating scene, but now she’s back, reportedly dating British actor Joe Alwyn.

They’ve kept their relationship under wraps, as she’s worn scarves and hats to hide her face in the early days of their relationship.

Hopefully, Alwyn no longer lives with his mother, who’s a psychotherapist.

But hey, Swift is certainly used to being psychoanalyzed by the public, so a session with a potential mother-in-law can’t be that bad.

Weil wir die Quelle dieses Materials nicht kennen, begegneten wir ihm mit einiger Skepsis, denn: Selbst in diesem Umfang lassen sich Dateien theoretisch manipulieren – wir fanden jedoch keinerlei Hinweise darauf.

Dazu gibt es ein Flirt-Radar, über das man Lovoo-Nutzer in der Umgebung aufspüren kann.

Dieses einfache und populäre Konzept benötigt ständigen Nachschub an neuen, flirtwilligen und möglichst attraktiven Kunden.

Taylor Swift’s “long list of ex-lovers” reads like a roster of who’s who in Hollywood, with no discrimination based on age or type of fame (political dynasty, A-list actor(s) and boy band have all been deemed acceptable by herself, her squad and the paparazzi).

But now, it seems as though the superstar has taken the Observer’s advice and is dating a normal human being, who hasn’t quite attained a constant paparazzi-snapping level of fame (we also suggested Ed Sheeran and a Hemsworth, but both are now taken).

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