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Shower your partner with love and show how much he/she means to you.

My b/f and I will have been dating for 6 months this coming Thursday (20th). He's rides dirt bikes so I'll probably be getting him something to do with his bike... I've had to double check to make sure you are not MY girlfriend!!

If your man is a workaholic, then get him some shirts, ties, shaving kit, etc for the 6 month anniversary.

Though these gifts sound really great, it is not really necessary to spend so much on a 6 month anniversary.

Gifts like a music CD, a film DVD, a bottle of champagne or a hand-made greeting card with a love poem penned by you, would all be valued by your boyfriend.

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I can't imagine my GF buying me anything for my karting (I won yesterday, my first race since winning the state championship a few weeks ago) :-) To the OP... So search for the latest trends online or in women's magazines and buy the one that would look really good on your woman.Do not forget about buying matching jewelry and other accessories that would go with it.(Yeah, I know the real anniversary is more important). Actualy, the gifts I always enjoyed most though were the ones totally unexpected, no reason whatsoever... Since it's the summer and I'm so bored, I can sit here and write a poem or something or a collage of our pictures together. We buy tickets for shows that we all go to together, carriage rides to see the lights downtown, a special dinner at an ethnic restaurant they would never in a million years try on their we remember Christmases as "that was the year we all went to see Blue Man Group! No wonder you jokingly said "Lets meet up" in Sydney where I will be celebrating. I'm not buying any gifts, but going for a holiday, and the day will be full of special things. Well, you should be pretty certain that if your gf doesn't look like me in my avatar, then I'm not your gf. " So, I'd recommend you plan a special outing...maybe a trip to an amusement park, complete with hot dogs and ice cream and laughing and giggling together and screaming on the rides and getting wet on the water rides and trying to win stuffed animals..a trip to the zoo, if you like that sort of thing..spend the day at a baseball game eating peanuts...treat him to something fun that you can both enjoy and remember together. I'm thinking about surprising him at work and giving him a card with a poem in it or somethin'. I've had to double check to make sure you are not MY girlfriend!! I just tried to think of the little things that I know my gf likes doing.

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