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"Hi-fi speakers are designed for linear operation mainly within what's called their 'pistonic band', the region where the speaker is moving in and out in linear fashion.

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In practical terms, the speaker is the voice of the instrument, the source of the sound we're trying to capture. In this feature, we'll be finding out how the speakers found in guitar cabs and combos actually work and discovering how much influence speaker choice has on the sound of the electric guitar.

When an electrical current passes through this coil, it becomes an electromagnet and, depending on the direction of the current, is attracted to or repelled by the permanent magnet.

This moves the speaker cone back and forth, which in turn moves the air in front of it, creating sound waves.

"If I got you to close your eyes and then hit each one in turn to make it resonate, you'd be able to hear immediately which was which.

That's because the different break-up pattern of each material gives a unique coloration to its sound.

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