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In honour of 2106 dietitians week and in no particular order – here are 10 things I truly love about being a dietitian.

, the president of China, and even the pope have touched on the subject.

The problem has become urgent and is drawing the attention of food companies, trade organizations, and entrepreneurs looking for new and innovative ways to deal with the challenge.

Food waste isn't a new issue, as posters on this theme were circulating around the time of World War I, but it is a growing one.

But did you ever stop to think that maybe you are missing out on something? Well, my point is this, with all these classes at your fingertips don’t be afraid to test out the unknown and most eccentric options out there.

I’ve been a registered dietitian since 2001 and I would be lying if I said I’ve loved every aspect of every job I’ve done – (today I’m only just getting home from my NHS post 3 hours later than planned due to catching up on piles of paperwork 😁) – but there are many reasons I’m thankful for finding dietetics!

It is rare to hear a friend say I met a guy called Tim Tomato or a girl called Sally Squash at a party anymore.Producing too much food is a major cause of food waste.No one wants to run out of food, whether it's a grocery store, a school cafeteria, hospital foodservice establishment, an upscale restaurant, or a family at dinnertime.” Similar to online dating, you have to make a conscious effort to spend less time looking for that perfect class and more time getting out there and trying them.I have had so much fun trying out a variety of classes and developing new friendships with the various instructors and fellow Class Pass goers along the way!

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