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They participate in day treatment programs or work, at least part-time.

Residents of this program attend their therapy or medical appointments independently and are able to manage their medications on their own.

Inbar is Hebrew for amber, a substance that looks and feels like rock but is actually fossilized tree resin.

This illusion is a metaphor for the members of Inbar, whose disabilities present a picture that fails to reveal what is in their hearts.

“While society is increasingly welcoming to those with disabilities, the challenges of social inclusion they face grow exponentially as their able-bodied friends marry and settle into the routine of family life.” Groner, a non-profits professional with training in marriage therapy, says as far as she knows there is nothing quite like Inbar in Israel or abroad.

The goal of the program is to integrate treatment, support, and rehabilitation in an individualized and client-choice driven menu of clinical and educational services.

There are many young adults with mental illness who reside in the family home, often with elderly parents.

CJP Senior Direct is a free information and referral service staffed by eldercare professionals from JF&CS, who will connect you with the resources and expert advice you need. “The power of choral singing to connect and engage people of all ages and backgrounds cannot be overstated.

OHEL’s Kadimah PROS is a new and comprehensive recovery oriented program for individuals with severe and persistent mental illness.

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