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Hilda Alice Ogden (née Crabtree) was a resident of 13 Coronation Street from 1964 to 1987.The devoted wife of Stan, Hilda and her husband were the roughnecks of Coronation Street and had frequent clashes with their neighbours. Due to Stan's drunken rages, two of their children - Tony and Sylvia - were taken into council care, and their other two children - Irma and Trevor - ran away from home.They lived on the breadline, with Hilda holding up to five charing jobs at once just to keep the house going, compensating for Stan who ducked out of work whenever possible to drink and laze around.No one knew Stan's flaws better than Hilda, who often had to nag him out to work, but for the most part she doted on him and defended him vehemently against his detractors.Hilda then found that she wasn't pregnant after all, but didn't tell Mary, who threw Hilda out when she discovered the truth.

After the ceremony, the couple headed for the Spinners' Arms, where Stan resumed his pint, and their reception took place.

The Crabtrees never got rich from Arnold's earnings from his work as an embalmer, and Hilda spent her youth moving from one slum to another.

Worst of all was Back Butler Street, although even in those circumstances Florence kept a good house and the fumigation crew never descended on the Crabtree household. Joseph's Elementary School and left at fifteen, entering the working world just as war broke out in Europe.

After limping along to the shelter, Hilda was thrilled to see Stan trailing her - but as the light hit him, he looked more English lout than Hollywood superstar.

Even so, Hilda's head had been turned, and she spent the night in the shelter talking away to him.

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