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There can be personality conflicts, says Grossmann.

There can be minor squabbles about anything from too many out-of-town visitors to who should clean out the fridge.

An old German proverb goes something like this: "Two cats and one mouse, two women in one house, two dogs to one bone, will not agree long." Well, we can't speak for cats, dogs, and mice, but these days more and more women are living two, three, and sometimes more to a house.

And they're agreeing on everything from how to split the electric bill to who gets use of the kitchen on Saturday night.

The two friends met more than 15 years ago when, says Penny, "we were both coming out of long, difficult marriages.

After that, we spent so much time with each other that we'd often talk about moving in together as housemates.

Swan Luv is currently accepting applications from soon-to-be-wed couples who think they’ve found everlasting love, Geekwire reports.The plurality of experts agree that there's no [time] requirement; as soon as they'd like is just fine.Still, while it's up to parents to use their best judgment about when to start dating again, there are some rules all divorcés should follow when it comes to revving up the romance again.They are willing to consider any option, as long as it allows them to hold on to their freedom."After all, we're from the generation of women who lived in communes back in the 1960s," says Connie Skillingstad, who launched Golden Girls Housing in Minneapolis several years ago.

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