Dating for long haired men

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Thin hair, almost without exclusion, should be kept short.I love well maintained and even dreds on just about anyone, but hate uneven (some thick, some thin, some just huge frigin' mats of hair) dirty hippie dreds on everybody. I used to, during my teens/early-20s, I associated long-hair with being bohemian and free-spirited and all that.(Never saw the boyfriend with short hair but it was probably true for him as well.) (In fact I can report this: just after I wrote that, I did a google image search on his name, and found that he has, indeed, cut it off, and it does indeed look way better!) It just depends on the quality of the hair and the "look" that is best for the particular man--same answer as in the "stubble beard" thread.My theory now is that if you need ponytail to show how laid-back and easy-going you are, then you're probably not that laid-back and easy-going. I think he's still trying to piss off his parents about not getting a hair cut.Not bohemian or free spirited or anything remotely like it - in fact, he's a crabby old man! Which is kinda silly since his mom is 80 and his dad's been dead for 20 years, but there ya go.The intimate photos signify an attempt to ‘humanise’ his campaign and, it's been argued, "win over activists" within the Labour Party.

I like dreads, and once I had a boyfriend who had hair just like mine (ie long), and it looked amazing. Every guy I have known who had long hair looked way better when they cut it off.(He's the one wearing the black t-shirt.) When I first laid eyes on my (now ex) boyfriend he had, among other yummy physical attributes, the most gorgeous thick, should length hair.It and he were quite strking, and boy did he know how hot he looked. After I got to know him up close and personal like, I realized that however well hidden, his hairline was receding quite a bit at the temples.As attractive as I had always found him, he looked so much better than I could ever have imagined.Now when he laments his lost locks I can't begin to tell him how much better he looks sans hair, and that is saying a lot in his case. I hold the same standards for men as I do for women when it comes to long hair. You're either business all the time or party all the time.

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